InstagramTags – About Us

Instagram Tags was the first web-application to allow users to copy and paste popular Instagram Tags. With over four million photos tagged with #instagramtagsdotcom, we are one of the largest and our community continues to grow.

Instagram Tags allows users to copy and paste the most popular tags on Instagram to their photos. By tagging their photos with the tags on the homepage they are making their photos more visible to other Instagram users. When one tags their photos with the tags they will more likely get more likes on their photos and more than likely this will result in more followers on their Instagram profile.

If you are an advertiser or marketer, we are building packages that will allow you to have a sponsored tag-category. This can help you create better visibility for your brands Instagram profile. For a small monthly fee you can promote your profile in a way that Instagram users will be able to connect with. For example if you are Apple Computers, we can include @AppleComputers and any related hashtag within our popular tags sections. This will increase the exposure of your hashtag and business.

Join the conversation on our Facebook page to connect with other users who are passionate about their Instagram posts. Our tags are relevant on all other hashtag-related social networks. By using our tags on other social networks such as Twitter, Vine, Facebook, and Pheed you will increase the likelihood of your posts receiving more interaction with users. This happens because these other social networks follow the same model as Instagram for hashtag searches.

For more information regarding sponsored tags packages, contact