How to Get Started on Instagram

Instagram is the popular photo-sharing social networking service that is used on your smartphone or other mobile-friendly device. The service allows users to share photos, videos, and network with other users or post them to other social networking sites online, such as Facebook and Twitter. It's easy to set up and account and start using Instagram.

Find the Instagram app on your phone and download it. After it has downloaded, open the app and it will prompt you to sign up for an account and enter a user name and password. You can then add a profile photo and a biography, if desired. To add a profile photo, simply click on the area that says to add a photo and choose an image from your phone.

Now look for your friends, so you can connect with them. Instagram will show you a prompt to check your social networking sites to your Instagram account. To connect Instagram to your Facebook timeline, go to your Instagram profile and tap either Android or iPhone in the upper right corner, then tap on share settings. Then tap on Facebook to connect to Facebook, using your login information.

Now you can begin sharing your photos with your friends on Instagram, Facebook and other social networking sites. Adding hashtags to your images allows you to connect with other people who enjoy the same things you do. Choose a specific hashtag for your photo, then your picture will be compiled into an album with other images of the same theme.