What is a hashtag and how are they used on Instagram?

Are you looking for a new, effective way to promote your images and photos? Whether you're a photographer, graphic designer, or company looking to promote a product, Instagram can serve as a very effective platform for promoting your product or brand.

The key to successful Instagram promotion: popular hashtags. Click on a hashtag and you'll see all images that were tagged with this hashtag. When you use popular hashtags, this equates to more visibility!

Therefore, if you're looking to optimize your Instagram campaign and ramp up visibility, peruse the mostused Instagram hashtags and use them whenever applicable. Also, use these popular hashtags as inspiration as you take your image posts to the next level, reaching beyond the standard product photo.

Instagram is an ideal advertising platform for any niche that can utilize visual marketing elements to seal the deal, so to speak. You just need to know how to leverage the platform's features, such as tags, to your benefit.