Using InstagramTags

Using Instagram Tags is a very simple process. The application is easy and intuitive so you can easily tag your photos.

Here is a simple tutorial:

  1. Open on any mobile device that supports Instagram.
  2. Choose the tag category that you would like to tag to your Instagram post.
  3. Long-press on the hashtags to allow you to copy the tags to your clipboard.
  4. Open the Instagram application on your mobile device and choose the photo you would like to post.
  5. When available to do so, paste the Instagram Tags from your clipboard into the caption of the Instagram post.
  6. Finally, post the photo and watch the likes and followers on your profile.

Video Tutorial

Simple Rules To Follow

For the tags from to work correctly there are a few simple rules to follow.

  1. Instagram only allows users to tag their photos with 30 hashtags. If you post too many, they will not function correctly and users will not see them.
  2. Your Instagram profile must be set to public in order for your photos to be more relevant in the hashtag searches that other Instagram users are making.

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